click apps has aquired an investor!

Click apps has just aquired its first investor! The Ltd corp. has been set up and its capitalization has amounted up to 1 million USD

Being in charge of the ready to go, customizable apps, click community (social media company)  has magaged to aquire its first investor. The newly based click apps Ltd. has been granted by FOZ (Managaging Observatory Fundation) and its capital reached 1 mln. dollars. FOZ bought 28% of the Ltd corp in cash. The remaining 72% stay in the hands of Rahim Blak – The CEO of click apps company, and the CTO Michał Blak.

Previously Rahim was the chairman in clickcommunity Ltd. and now he is responsible for the whole group development. The vice-president, Michał deals with product development and new features of click apps. Marcin Woźniak, the founder and long term CEO of ARBOmedia (Goldbach Audience at now) and the CEO of Knowdelage HUB ( Venture capital ) becomes the head of the board of supervisors.

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click apps insight!

Up to now over 850 unique users have used customizable apps by click apps on over 3500 facebook pages. 85% of clients comes form Poland, and the rest of apps, with no marketing expenditures, were sold in Albania, Indonesia, India, Spain, Germany, Brasil and even in Mexico. This is why the found from the investor are going to be spent on global scaling business in SaaS model, which in Facebook enviroment is exceptionally rewarding task to do. Among the companies that trusted us are Oriflame, Pioneer, Giant, Wódka Żołądkowa, Getin Bank, Idea Bank, Open Finance, and also “ agency clients” like Zumi Social, or Agora S.A. (Co.) Group.

At present, one application is sold in SaaS model every single hour .That is why we plan to improve our platform with more tools not just for Facebook or social media. It will give us the competitve advantage on ‘marketing cloud’ market by enlarging the scope of our services – says Michał Blak.


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We have an investor and we have a vision

The hole group includes a platform of customizable apps and social media agency, well known for fashion market services, dealing with social media communication for Solar, Simple, 4F, Venezia,, FashionWeek, Orsay, Atlantic & more. Our long term goal is integration of all tools supporting social media services for companies avialable in SaaS model in one platform and at the same time getting the biggest share possible on the growing market which is marketing cloud. The first step is the already-made platform for ready to go Facebook Pages apps, offering 30 CMS based templates supporting social media as well as getting comprehansive information and behavioral leads from Facebook and oher platforms. Its possible thanks to click mail, a social big data feature.


We believe that social media market is going to change due to two factors. The first one, a part of activieties are going to be moved to internal marketing departments of big companies. The second factor seems to be the increase of the number of small companies, service providers, freelancers and agencies which need to use tools in economical SaaS model. Acquiring an investor at this stage is just the beginning since we have a long term, detailed plan to implement next tools in SaaS model – says Rahim


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Rahim Blak & Michał Blak - the Academy of Fine Arts and MBA graduates, CEO’s and co-founders of click community group – the social media agency and Facebook Pages apps. They started their business experience with art world ™ adv. agency. They organize weekly click apps lectures and webinars for which leading representatives of polish e-marketing specialists are invited as prelegents. Currently they are focusing their attention on Social Media Marketing. Rahim is the member of the board of Enterpreneurs of Fine Art Academy in Krakow. He also leeds emarketing and Social Media classes for MBA students in University of Lodz and Economical College in Krakow (WSE). Michał is scholarship holder of Culture Ministry in Poland and gives lectures as a guest at Cracow Academy.


This press relases has been prepaired by Rafał Paciorek – member of the Ltd. click apps.

This photos has been “filtered” by Rahim Blak’s Instagram, supported by InstaText & InstaCollage apps.

Rahim Blak
Written by Rahim Blak

Rahim Blak - Absolwent ASP w Krakowie i MBA w Łodzi, CEO i założyciel grupy click community - agencji social media oraz platformy aplikacji click apps. Zaczynał ze swoją agencją interaktywną art world™, ale obecnie całą uwagę koncentruje na marketingu społecznościowym, z naciskiem na social commerce i social BIG DATA - czyli pozyskiwaniu leadów z facebooka. Działa na pograniczu sztuk wizualnych i Internetu.